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Capabilities & Equipment

Typical Size Capabilities

Diameters up to 168in
Weights up to 100 tons
Tube Bundle Diameter up to 120in
Overall Lengths up to 160ft

Codes and Qualifications

ISO 9001:2008 Registered by SAI Global
ASME SECT VIII DIV 1 “U” Stamp and National Board “R” Authorisation

Shop Equipment

Machine Shop

Puma Turning Center 40.5″ swing x 120″ c/w live tooling
Fermat Horizontal 4 axis CNC control – X=248in  Y=118in   Z=23.6in,  5.12in dia spindle
Toshiba TUE-15 CNC boring mill – maximum height = 67in, maximum dia = 70in
TOS Horizontal boring mill – X=63in Y=44in Z=49in, 4in dia spindle
New Century CNC Vertical boring mill – 89in diameter swing, 72in under rail
Mazak CNC VMC – X=40in Y=20in Z=30in 4 axis
Poreba Engine Lathe – 53in swing (65in in gap) × 315in ctrs
Okuma CNC Model LH50-NBD – 36in swing, 20in over cross slide 160in ctrs
Nakamura – Tome CNC Slant bed -14in × 20in swing
Doosan Horizontal CNC HBM – X=100in Y=78in Z=60in
Nakamura – Tome CNC Slant bed -14in × 20in swing
Manual Machines Lathes, Milling machines, Radial arm drills

Fabrication Shop

Plasma Cutting Unit MG CNC gantry cutting machine – 45ft × 12ft table
Plasma cutting up to 2in Stainless Steel
Oxy fuel cutting up to 4in Carbon Steel
Plate Rolling 1¼in thick × 120in long
Tank Rolls up to 300 ton capacity
Weld Positioners up to 10 ton capacity
Welding Machines SAW / SMAW / GTAW / GMAW / FCAW
Vibratory Stress Relieving Portable vibratory unit for stress relieving and weld conditioning
Thermal Stress Relieving Top loading oven to 1200° F. 4ft-0in × 5ft-0in × 13ft-0in long

Quality Control and Testing Procedures

Hydrotest up to 10,000 psig
Pneumatic Test up to 25 psig
NDE LPI, UT, Hardness, MPI (wet & dry)

In House Finishing Process

Glass beading, shot and sandblasting 7000 sq ft fully enclosed facility
Painting Commonly used industrial paint systems
Stainless Steel Passivating Environmentally friendly products

Testing Facilities through Sub-Contracts

Heat Treatment Stress Relieving Oven – 19ft wide × 19ft high × 50ft long
Balancing Static and Dynamic
NDE Radiography, chemical analysis, PMI
Plate Forming up to 2in thick